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Rio Jazz4

A collaboration between the gifted and highly in-demand upright bass player Morten Ankarfeldt from Denmark and Brazil's biggest up-and-coming guitar talent Caio Marcio. In 2012 they created the album "Rio em Vermelho e Azul" (Rio in Red and Blue) - a unique combination of Scandinavian melodic jazz and Brazilian rhythms. The result was two geographically distanced musical personalities melting into a unique, fresh and inspiring expression.
To expand into this quartet, “RioJAZZ4”, Morten Ankarfeldt and Caio Marcio invite the famous Danish saxophonist and flute player Christina von Bülow and the talented and expressive drummer from Rio de Janeiro Cassius Theperson.

Their latest album is named after the quartet, and with “RioJAZZ4” (Calibrated Records, 2014) the ensemble is evolving the sound that was created in the 1960’s when jazz met Brazilian instrumental music with A.C. Jobim and Stan Getz as frontrunners. (The listener will clearly hear Stan Getz’s influence in Christina von Bülow’s playing as she was one of his few students.)
The Danish melodic and well-balanced jazz blends effortless with the Brazilian choro and samba.
With strong musicality and playful interactions, RioJAZZ4 presents an exciting formation of a jazz quartet building on Brazilian rhythms, performing originals as well as powerful compositions from the passionate Brazilian songbook.
Expect a beautiful and energetic concert by four musicians combining their musical references to create new grounds of sound.

More information:  www.riojazz4.com