Caio Márcio Santos graduated in classical guitar under the coordination of Paulo Pedrassoli Jr. and in classical composition at the Brazilian Conservatory of Music. His career includes a complementary formation in improvisation studies with musicians such as Hélio Delmiro, Lula Galvão, Genil Castro and Nelson Faria as well as composition studies with Antonio Guerreiro de Faria and Pauxy Gentil-Nunes. This second area of studies led to specializations in composition for original soundtracks in cinema and television. His work as a guitar performer inclues a focus in Brazilian Jazz and Instrumental Brazilian Guitar. In 2018 he relesead the second album of the Rio Jazz4 in a collaboration with Danish musicians Morten Ankarfeldt (acoustic bass) and Christina Von Bülow (sax/flute) and brazilian Cassius Teperson (drums).


2018_soundtrack of the short film "Mía" directed by Foster Wilson

2018_album release "Tonalidades" (Rio Jazz4)

2017_master's degree at UNI-Rio, 

2017_soundtrack of the feature film "Polidoro", directed by Tiago Titânio

2016_soundtrack of the documentary Rio Náutico, SPORTV

2015_Funarte Award in Classical Composition

2013_album release "Rio Jazz4" (Christina Von Bülox (sax), Morten Ankarfeldt (bass), Caio Márcio Santos (guitar), Cassius Teperson (drums)

2013_soundtrack of the short film “O Lenço Manchado de Vermelho” directed by Jess Weiss, Festival de Cannes Official Selection.

2012_album release "Rio Vermelho e Azul"

2012_soundtrack of the feature film “Historias de Alice” de Oswaldo Caldeira (2016)